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Dual Membership FAQs

    What is the Dual Membership Release (DMR) program

    SHRM is committed to improving and strengthening membership in SHRM Chapters.  Dual Membership Release (DMR) provides robust support to Chapters to help them grow dual membership.  SHRM Chapters nationwide have been asking for this support for years!  This flyer briefly summarizes the long list of benefits of the Dual membership Release (DMR) program.

    Read the Informational Flyer
    We are a 100% Chapter. What does that mean?

    In order to be a member of our Chapter you must also be a member of National SHRM, i.e., Dual Membership. 
    What is the cost of dual membership?

    Chapter dues + National SHRM dues = Total dues
    What are the differences between National SHRM and our Chapter

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a global professional society with over 300,000 members.  SHRM is focused on empowering people and workplaces by advancing HR practices and maximizing human potential to build a world of work that works for all. They provide a comprehensive suite of resources, tools, and templates that are utilized on a daily basis to assist their members in delivering exceptional results for their organizations.

    Our Chapter is the official SHRM affiliate/local chapter for people living, learning, and working in our service area. We provide our members with networking and educational opportunities to get connected at the local level with fellow HR professionals.
    Why did our Chapter make this change?

    Simplification. Members can now be part of our Chapter and SHRM National for a single price. One invoice, one payment, one renewal date. Members no longer have to keep track of two separate memberships, as they will be combined into one.

    ​A streamlined pathway to receive the benefits of a national organization linked with a local perspective and presence resulting in double the expertise.

    Via our alignment with National SHRM, credibility and strength in numbers will increase our effectiveness to represent HR professionals in the area chapter covers.

    Direct access to SHRM’s educational programs, services, toolkits and resources so that you can more quickly advance in your career or further your knowledge.
    I am a member of SHRM but not a member of this Chapter. How do I join this Chapter?

    Simply add our chapter membership to your SHRM membership!  Click on the Membership tab above, and under the “Add Chapter to your SHRM Membership” click on “Sign In”.   For Chapters with dues, you will pay a prorated amount so that your new Chapter membership will have the same expiration date as your existing SHRM membership. Please visit our Membership page and join our chapter now!
    I am NOT a member of SHRM or this Chapter​. How can I become a dual member?

    Becoming a dual member is easy, as it is all captured in one transaction! Simply visit our Membership page and click Join/Renew button, and be sure to add our Chapter through the registration process.
    I am already a member of SHRM and this Chapter (dual member). What do I need to do?

    In short, nothing! Your Chapter membership and SHRM membership have been aligned through your SHRM membership profile. Thus, your expiration dates for both memberships are now the same (the dates are aligned to your SHRM national membership expiration). Whenever your SHRM membership is up for next renewal, you will renew both memberships at the same time.